Navis One Super Yacht Charter Phuket, Thailand & Europe

The Ultimate Yacht Charter Experiences

Take the voyage you’ve always imagined and discover the flawless elegance of Navis One Super Yacht. This luxury superyacht is the epitome of contemporary craftsmanship and modern comfort, designed for the ultimate yachting experience.

Glide in style to exotic destinations where we can customise different experiences for each and every day of the journey; from kayaking around remote islands to scuba diving in the pristine waters of the Andaman Sea, from onboard fine dining prepared by our Executive Chefs to picnicking on white sandy beaches, from sunrise yoga in cool morning air to sunset cocktails around the jacuzzi.. and so much more. Our mission at Navis One is to make your dreams come true..

Navis One cruises between Europe and Southeast Asia during certain times of the year. For accurate information of where we are located at any moment, please contact us.

Book your super yacht charter Phuket or Mediterranean directly with us to get exclusive benefits. For more information, please contact us by email at or by phone at +66 (0) 83 110 5302

Note: Ocean Emerald Yacht has been replaced by Navis One Yacht.

Fine Dining

The Ultimate Culinary Experience

Indulge in the distinctive flavours of Southeast Asia or savour the refinement of European haute cuisine. Navis One’s world-class chefs are at your service to create a dynamic gourmet dining experience tailored to your tastes.

Using only the finest ingredients found locally in Southeast Asia and imported globally, our chefs have created an eclectic signature menu for the ultimate culinary experience. Always ready to be challenged and inspired, our chefs are also ready to create new and exciting dishes for guests at any time.

Luxury Experiences

Embark On the Voyage Of A Lifetime

With Navis One super yacht charter Phuket or Mediterranean, the possibilities are endless. Each journey on Navis One is unique and tailor-made to the tastes and preferences of our guests.

Chartering the Navis One super yacht offers the opportunity to curate your experience exactly as  you wish it. We cater to all of your luxury vacation needs, from blissful relaxation in the tropical sun to evenings of starlit indulgence on the yacht’s outside decks, from onboard relaxation therapy to adrenaline-rushing water sports.

On the super yacht, you will find an array of high-end equipment with which to explore the island and marine environments through which we travel, including two Sea-Doo Jet Skis, a Super Jet, seabobs, kayaks, paddleboards and towable inflatable toys. For the adventurous there are also four full sets of scuba diving equipment, as well as 12 snorkeling sets and more.

For a fully customised experience, contact the Navis One team today to discover our charter itineraries and prepare for the voyage of a lifetime. Contact us to book your super yacht charter Phuket or Mediterranean today.

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